Dual foam padding utilizes two differing densities of closed cell foam padding to more evenly distribute pressure while maintaining support over longer periods of riding.The thickness and placement of these foam layers can be varied to tune to feel of each saddle.



ECO+ Padding

ECO+ padding is a unique padding material that is waterproof, breathable and keeps the rider cool and comfortable throughout the duration of the ride. ECO+’s unique microstructure allows of consistent ventilation and temperature regulation while supporting the rider.





S.E.B.S. Gel is ideal when vibration and shock damping is of upmost importance. Used in all manners of athletic equipment, S.E.B.S. Gel absorbs and dissipates the energy imparted to the rider from vibration and impact.


Memory foam is also available as a padding option which conforms to the shape of the rider yet maintains evenly distributed support throughout the ride. Memory foam density can also be varied and used in conjunction with other padding materials to tune the comfort characteristics of the saddle.



Cionlli has been one of the pioneers of vacuum technology where the saddle cover is vacuum bonded to the underlying foam material yielding a saddle that is more refined and finished looking without the use of staples, bezels or other fastening systems to keep the cover attached.


Cionlli has a variety of hand stretched saddles available for all levels of riders. Cionlli offers a variety of cover materials to choose from. The choice of cover material has a direct impact on how the contact with the saddle is percieved. The correct cover material will provide riders with a smooth and soft contact point. Our hand stretched saddles offer a lot of style choices and options that appeal to the recreational and commuter cycling community.

In Cionlli’s stretched saddle series you can find various handmade bicycle saddles with stretched leather. The fine-finished leather that covers the stretched saddle provides the rider with a smooth and soft contact point. This characteristic makes the stretched leather series suitable for recreational cyclists who look for an enjoyable riding experience with friends and family in the park or around the neighborhood. The stretched leather saddle is also a good choice for commuters on a bike.

It not only comes with practicality but also gives a bit of style to the rider. EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl Acetate. It is a synthetic material that has a texture similar to rubber. It is soft and flexible, stress-resistant, and waterproof. Such characteristics make EVA suitable for a wide range of applications.

Cionlli’s EVA Saddle series features excellent waterproof and moisture resistance, which can pull the rider through extreme weather. If you rely on your bike to take you from place to place on a daily basis, chances are you need one of Cionlli’s EVA saddles on your bike. Vacuum saddles have the name derived from the manufacturing process, vacuum forming. This type of saddle mostly (if not all) features an air-tight padding seal and waterproof characteristics. No conventional fastening method (sewing, rivets, etc.) is required.

The padding material, waterproof material, and shell are bound together at once. There are more advantages to the vacuum saddle than just water resistance. For example, such technology can easily carry out ergonomic designs and provide better support. On the user’s end, the vacuum saddle requires minimal maintenance and can handle most cycling styles, which is ideal for both engaged cyclists and recreational riders.

EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) a synthetic material with a rubberlike texture, moisture resistance, and durability. The material is lightweight, extremely durable, shock and vibration dampening, and provides moisture resistance beyond any other available foam material. For the ultimate in comfort and durability EVA foam is the perfect choice.

Cionlli's vacuum saddle line derives it's name from the manufacturing method used to create them. This manufacturing method provides an air tight seal making the foam from the saddle impervious to exterior elements such as dirt, sweat, and moisture. In addition to this sealed protection the vacuum process can also provide improved durability, support, and a more consistent product as the firmness of the saddle is not subject to the hand stretching of the cover material. These vacuum saddles are available as alternatives to Hand Stretched saddles throughout Cionlli's line.