Memory Foam Bike Seats are one of the prevalent choices among cyclists. People found the memory foam padding extremely conformable to the body shape. Coupled with an ergonomic saddle design, the seat can provide excellent comfort to the rider. The memory foam padding is best used with firmer materials so that firm support is not compromised. Since memory foam tends to deteriorate over time, it is not recommended for long-distance travel. Yet, it is apt for city bikes for intracity commutes and light cycling activities.

For riders desiring the ultimate in comfort and supple foam support, Memory Foam is the most appealing option. Our memory foam inserts in combination with a firm base foam can provide great support while still maintaining the softest and most comfortable feeling saddle available. Our ergonomic designs that encorporate memory foam are designed specifically for shorter duration rides with little to no additional padding or protection between the rider and the saddle.

Cionlli offers a number of different Gel saddle covers. These saddle covers are a cost effective option for riders who wish to have additional comfort without going to the trouble or expense of replacing their entire saddle. Cionlli has a wide range of options for gel saddle covers available to add a layer of comfort to most any bike.