The bicycle saddle is one of the three touch points on the bicycle and arguably the most important. Properly fitted, an advanced saddle will evenly distribute weight and pressure across the contact area of the saddle, also to the hands and feet to ensure an optimal cycling experience. If possible it is always best to test a saddle prior to purchasing it or making a new saddle choice. All bodies are shaped different therefore, each person's ideal saddle may look different as well.

Road Bike Saddles, or Performance Saddles, are designed specifically for racing and they are seen almost exclusively on road bikes. In order to achieve the best performance, the saddle has an extra thin design. It has minimal padding (in some designs no padding at all). The dimensional design along the length of the seat aims to dissipate pressure efficiently. The nose (the front end) is sometimes shorter and the width is narrower so that the rider can shift to an aggressive riding position easily. Choosing the right road bike saddle can drastically enhance the performance and durability of the cyclist.

Cionlli's performance saddles are intended for highly competitive riders who intend to push their bodies longer and harder than the average cyclist. As a result the performance saddles we offer are thinner, firm yet compliant, and lighter than our sport and recreation saddles. The materials used are lighter, stronger, and more specialized to dampen vibration and improve cycling efficiency through design and superior materials. While more costly the use of a Cionlli advanced performance saddle can drastically improve your overall cycling experience and allow the rider to perform longer and stronger than they could previously.