Size: 255x210mm

Weight: 497g

Rail: Steel

performance,saddles,comfort,vacuum system

Cionlli's line of e-bike specific saddles have many proprietary features that suit the needs of the e-bike riders. These features include stronger rails and base material to support the added pressure created by the rider's more upright postion and reduced pedaling pressure. The saddle will also require the additional strength to support the additional bike weight that will hang from it. In addition to the increased strength the ergonomics of these saddles are designed with a more upright and stationary position that must be supported for a longer duration. With that in mind these saddles are design with additional padding and more durable cover materials than our standard saddles.

The E-bike Saddle is built with extra support and ergonomic design because an E-bike is expected to carry the rider across a longer distance than the traditional bicycle. With the aid of an electrical motor, the cyclist tends to pedal less often. Therefore, the design usually leans toward comfort and durability over performance and control. To meet such purposes, the E-bike saddle typically has a wider width and thicker padding. A good-quality E-bike Saddle can keep the cyclist on the bike as long as possible while providing a satisfactory experience at the same time.