Size: 250x136mm

Weight: 230/251/295g

Rail: Ti/Chromoly/Steel


Cionlli offers a number of "noseless" saddles for Urban and Comfort bikes to utilize. These saddles offer the mose effective relief from pressure on the peroneal nerve in the genetal nerve. The concept is that the pressure from the nose of the saddle (where the peroneal nerve is located) and shifting the pressure back to the sit bones instead. While added comfort and pressure relief is a benefit of these saddles the trade off is a lack of control that results from the removal of the nose. These saddles are not recommended for cycling disciplines where bike control and handling are a priority.

Saddle Sore is a condition that often occurs to bicycle riders. It results from the abrasion between the rider’s bottoms and the bicycle saddle. Because the pressure accumulates in the bottoms as a person cycles, he or she is likely to feel pain after a long ride. Without adequate rest, the abrasion will further lead to physical damages to the skin and soft tissues. Besides taking breaks during the travel, another way to minimize saddle sore is choosing the right saddle for the activity. The bicycle saddle with the correct fit can alleviate the ailment and prevent the occurrence of the saddle sore.

If you have ever had a saddle sore you know how terrible they are and how they can effect your ability to ride a bike. Choosing the right saddle is key to preventing saddle sores. Cionlli's wide selection of high quality saddles combined with a proper bike fitting will ensure that saddle sores are not a part of your future as a cyclist.