Size: 255x220mm

Weight: TBA

Rail: Steel

performance,saddles,comfort,vacuum system

When a rider has the right saddle on their bike their ride experience will be a good one. Having a good cycling experience will ensure that riders will continue to ride consistently. Consistent riding has many benefits, including improved health, wellbeing, and mental status. Cionlli offers a wide variety of saddles to suit any and every riding style and body type. No matter what type of cyclist you are you will always find the right fit with a Cionlli saddle.

A comfortable saddle always puts a smile on the cyclist’s face. Riding on a bicycle saddle with the most comfort not only optimizes the cycling experience but preserves the well-being of the cyclist in terms of his or her physical health. Cionlli stocks a wide selection of bicycle saddles. Each and every type of them offers a certain level of comfort to the user. We have performance saddles for road bike riders. We have memory foam saddles for creational city bikers. No matter which type of cyclist you are, you can always find a comfort saddle for yourself here!